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We Specialize in Customized Brand Design,
Graphic Design and Product Development

Marthen-Lorins ® is named after our Founder's late Mother, namely the incomparably precious MARTHA Lorins, a gorgeous, gifted, philanthropic, spiritual, and classy designer and department store owner whose career spanned 60+ years. Having been blessed to have been named  after two renown philanthropists and spiritual leaders, essentially, his Mother (Martha) and Father (Peter), Dr. Peterson (Peter’s Son) MARTHEN Lorins (our Founder), has always been inspired by both his late Father's Faith, and his late Mother's (Martha's) creative, spiritual and entrepreneurial spirit; not to mention her wisdom. Thus, in aspiring to keep his amazing Mother’s legacy going, he founded Marthen-Lorins® as a Customization-Centric and/or Personalized Designer/Bourgeoisie Brand Innovator & Creator. It is in that spirit that he created the concept of customizing any product of your choice to your unique "Inner Bourgeoisie"-based specifications!


Pete Lorins, PhD, JD, MDc

Founder and Creative Director

Dr. Lorins is an innovator, electrical engineer, computer engineer, lawyer, practice manager, instructional designer, professor, motivational speaker,  Doctor-in-Training, Business Developer and lead generator. 


Karen G. Curtiss, MBA, MRE

Senior Designer

Ms. Curtiss is a innovative designer and natural artist. She has a multifaceted approach to designing or conceptualizing any art form as to effectuate final products that are novel, unique, classy, all while tapping into one's "inner bourgeoisie."

Reed Sawyer.jpg

Reed Sawyer


Reed Sawyer is a master brainstormer and business developer with decades of experience in brand, concept and business development focusing on a hard-to-create and easy-to-recreate approach. 


Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Print, Digital & Web, Art Direction, 

Environmental & Exhibition

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